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Easter Eggs

I decided to decorate Easter eggs for the first time in years. That would explain why in never occurred to me our usual eggs being brown wouldn't work...

Enter plan B: make deviled eggs and dye the whites directly. 

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Use actual food coloring. I wouldn't recommend using the typical egg dying tablets. That dye isn't meant to be directly eaten, although it is food safe or you couldn't use it on the eggs at all). 

Step 1: get yo' self some hard-boiled eggs, shelled. Many ways to do this. I use an egg cooker.

Step 2: dye yo' eggs. I left them in about 10 minutes. I used a decent squirt of neon food coloring in each bowl. 

Step 3: drain yo' eggs. And admire the colors (ooh... aahhh...)

Step 4: place yo' eggs in a pretty platter. 

Step 5: fill yo' eggs with deviled goodness, and eat! 

They go particularly well next to a lamby cake with strawberry roses. So much color, and no leftover hardboiled eggs! I really like this whole idea. So much so I plan to try it out green and gold for some football game parties later this year. (GO PACK!!)

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