Friday, August 26, 2011

Neighborhood Disaster Averted

I'm so excited today, relieved and hopeful even. I've learned that proposed plans for a Wal-Mart in our neighborhood have been terminated. It's an incredible relief: the plans had been for a 100,000+sf store that would have drawn upwards of 30,000 car visits per day through residential neighborhoods, past two different schools and a number of churches, and the closing of a residential through street. The parcel of land is only partially vacant, so several local businesses would have been absorbed - that is: purchased, shut down, and demolished.

Image from SMCDA
The current development proposal posted on the South Milwaukee Community Development Authority website shows a creative mixed use plan of housing and small retail with parking, dressed up with trees. What a wonderful addition this would make to our South Shore community!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Daily Bite

Deerfly "courtesy" of WebMD
The morning's walk through Grant Park was literally interrupted by bites - deerfly variety. Better than mosquitoes only because they leave no itch. Worse than mosquitoes because they actually care to bite me. In the arse. While bending over to pick up Nora-doodle (there's irony there somewhere...). I spent most of the walk keeping them off the dog, who walked faster than normal to keep away from them. So much for a relaxing lake-side stroll to start the day.