Monday, February 1, 2010

Pass It On: Heavy on the Cheese Please!

Living in Wisconsin has always been associated with eating cheese, and with good reason. People in other states ridicule us as "cheese-heads", but frankly I think it's because their jealous.

Every local grocery store carries wonderful local cheeses; even the gas station stop-n-shops carry cheese curds and string cheese from the dairy up the road. So of course, we have a dairy marketing board, and of course, they have a website. Only for them, being cheesy is a good thing.

The Wisconsin Dairy Marketing Board has a lot of recipes and ideas about serving cheese (you mean you can't just lop off a piece and eat it??). It's given me a new focus in the kitchen: to recreate every recipe from their recent 30 Days of Mac & Cheese promo. Cheesemo indeed!