Around the House

Useless No More

How many books could a bookshelf brook if it was only a cookbook bookshelf?!

Our kitchen has an odd corner that's for all practical purposes not very, well, practical. It's a deep corner hemmed in between the refrigerator and a lonely hanging cabinet. We used to have a small wine cooler here, until it died (which is a sad saga unto itself). 

Since then we've had a small wine rack and miscellaneous kitchen bits. 

What I'm not showing here is my kitchen bookshelf of cookbooks. Overflowing of cookbooks. I'm not really allowed to get any more cookbooks unless I get rid of a few. 

But then... I started collecting vintage and antique cookbooks, because how cool is old food?! Well, not old food per se, but ways with old food. No, I mean old ways with food (yes, that's right). But I digress. 

Voila the solution!! Another cookbook bookshelf. 

And the peasants rejoiced.