Monday, December 1, 2014

Magnet Monday: WiscSymbols

Cheesy Refrigerator Magnet for Monday, December 1, 2014
"Wisconsin", American Robin, White-Tailed Deer, Dairy Farming Capitol, Wood Violets, circa 2007 (?)

In honor of deer season. We see our fair share of urban park deer here; most are skittish and harmless, but not all. They can be a real nuisance, crossing neighborhood streets willy-nilly and giving new meaning to the phrase "garden fresh salad bar" (stay out of my hostas!). 

I'm pretty sure we picked this magnet up at Mitchell Airport here in Milwaukee. If I were to guess further, I would say we were waiting to leave on a flight rather than waiting for someone to arrive. Taking a small reminder of home along for the trip. That does seem awfully cheesy, but I'm proud of our dairy history and charmed by the robins and violets. Deer, as long as they don't treat my garden as a smorgasbord, are fine too. 

Magnet Monday features a selection from our semi-vast and ever growing collection of cheesy refrigerator magnets. Without doubt the perfect souvenir. Only slightly less cheesy than collecting snow globes but maybe a lot easier to smuggle in your bra. If need be. Which I hope it never is. Unless it's really worth it.

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