Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Twelve Days of Yule: Day 11, December 31

Eleven Ladies Dancing or Eleven Lords Leaping

Adaptive Adventures
Image from Philanthropy Northwest

I started out looking for a dance-focused initiative, and while the Milwaukee Ballet has great outreach programs, we already contribute to the ballet in other ways. So I took a wider look at dancing and leaping and being physically active in general. And found Adaptive Adventures.

The drive to make outdoor activities accessible is picking up momentum, especially when it comes to folks with physical challenges. The mission of Adaptive Adventures is to provide opportunities to go skiing, hiking, sailing, cycling, rafting, scuba, and other good stuff through week-long camps and activity days. They provide all the specialized equipment and specially-trained coaches for less than the cost of a trip to Disneyland. Funds cover equipment, coach training, and transportation for participants.

Also New Year's Eve is Twelfth Night - all that dancing and potential shenanigans (just ask Shakespeare)!! We use to consider days beginning at sundown the day before, with the eve before being a special part of the holiday as a whole (think also Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and every Jewish holiday you can think of). So with tomorrow being 12th day, this evening is Twelfth Night. Celebrate and enjoy!! BUT: please be safe. 

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Twelve Days of Yule = Twelve Days of Giving is a personal initiative by me at the SoMil Homesteader to bring some focus to a holiday about gratitude. I don't have any official connections to any of these organizations, other than being a very small donor. Peace out. 

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