Saturday, December 13, 2014

Something to Cry About: Wild Rooster Diner CLOSED

UPDATE December 12, 2014
It is sad but appears to be true that the Wild Rooster has closed. There has been a lot of really disappointed people expressing dismay on the restaurant's Facebook page. Much speculation but very little fact as to why, but I will say a lot of folk would be perfectly tickled if they reopened, preferably someplace close by. 
le sigh....

UPDATE December 6, 2014
We tried to go to dinner at the Wild Rooster this last week only to find the doors closed. We are so disappointed, and we are not the only ones. A local CudahyNOW contributor is trying to find out if our new favorite diner is just on vacation or gone for good.  

The Wild Rooster Diner recently opened in downtown Cudahy. I love love love having great local places. Technically, it reopened under new management. I never went to what was there before and frankly don't recall what it was called*. I had heard it was awful.

This new diner has excellent tasty food indeed. Don't take just our word for it (Yelp, TripAdvisor). We've stopped for brunch several times, service is friendly and efficient. Food is fresh, hot/cold as appropriate, plentiful, and tasty (I already said that? well, it's true). The menu has basic diner fare, but also keilbasa and eggs, smoked pork chops (chuletas!) and eggs, tex-mex burgers with pico de gallo and avocado. Fries are decent, better yet are the house special baby red home-fries, or even their homemade potato chips. Lunch and dinner specials are posted daily for view as you come in (also on their FB page).

At our last visit they introduced iced coffees, which I think were premade. But they were cold and tasty nonetheless. We've had their signature bloody mary too (made with pepper vodka). Also cold and very, very tasty. 

Check them out!

*according to Google street view, it was Fili's Family restaurant

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