Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Twelve Days of Yule: Day 7, December 27

Seven Swans Swimming

Milwaukee RiverKeeper

Okay, so I'm going to warn you upfront, this one takes some explaining. I wanted to do something beyond birds, so swans were out, even though there has been some really great success with Trumpeter Swan recovery. Swimming was tough: I couldn't find any initiatives to donate to (granted, if I had a few thousand rather than a few dollars to donate, I might get someone's attention). 

After some creative searching (I am a researcher by trade after all, and painfully curious by nature...), I found SWAN, the Senior Water Advocacy Network, 
a program associated with Milwaukee Riverkeeper. The group involves folks aged 50+ in efforts for water conservation and specifically offers training to those who want to become advocates for Wisconsin waterways. Sort of like a water-lorax (check with your Seuss). 

Click here to donate.

Charity Navigator: not rated
Twelve Days of Yule = Twelve Days of Giving is a personal initiative by me at the SoMil Homesteader to bring some focus to a holiday about gratitude. I don't have any official connections to any of these organizations, other than being a very small donor. Peace out. 

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