Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Twelve Days of Yule: Day 8, December 28

Eight Maids Milking


Image from Animals Town
Given that what they want is cows... 

If you're not aware of the microfinance movement, now's your chance. Kiva is a cornerstone microlending organization, on a "mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty." Kiva coordinates small loans (as little as $25) directly between you and a borrower who would otherwise not receive the funds they need to move toward a new life. So, you could be helping someone buy cows. Or fabric and thread for a tailoring business. Or supplies for indoor plumbing. You get to choose.

What's really impressive is that 100% of the money lent by individuals through Kiva goes directly to the microloans; they take no cut of these funds for overhead. They fundraise separately for that; donations during the current drive (until December 31) will cover the overhead of Kiva staff so they can keep helping people help others. 

Click here to donate.

Charity Navigator: four (of four) star rating

Twelve Days of Yule = Twelve Days of Giving is a personal initiative by me at the SoMil Homesteader to bring some focus to a holiday about gratitude. I don't have any official connections to any of these organizations, other than being a very small donor. Peace out. 

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