Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Twelve Days of Yule: Day 4, December 24

Four Colly Birds

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Yes, you read that right: colly birds. Yes, we all grew up singing about "calling" birds, but that's wrong. The original lyric is colly, which is an old English way of saying black. So: we've got four black birds. 

And what's the first name you think of when you think of birds? Audubon. The National Audubon Society has a fantastic bird identification guide online, and a long history of conservation efforts. Their initiatives reach out here in Milwaukee through the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center (yes, there is a beer history). It's a beautiful place to take a hike, and of course they provide all sorts of educational programming. Particularly important for urban kids, so they can see a forest in person, or a pond that's not just a puddle, let alone the beaches of Lake Michigan (it's shocking how many kids in Milwaukee have never seen the lake). The SANC is an "independent, locally supported partner" of the national organization. Right up my alley. 

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Twelve Days of Yule = Twelve Days of Giving is a personal initiative by me at the SoMil Homesteader to bring some focus to a holiday about gratitude. I don't have any official connections to any of these organizations, other than being a very small donor. Peace out. 

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