Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Twelve Days of Yule: Day 10, December 30

Ten Pipers Piping

Milwaukee Achiever Adult Literacy Services

The old story of the Pied Piper speaks of leading children by way of music (okay, okay, so it was because the townfolk jilted him out of his payment. I'm going to overlook that). There's something about leading children that says to me education. And nothing more important in education that literacy - it is nearly impossible to learn anything else without first learning to read.  

Not everyone learns to read when a child. It's a hard life as an illiterate adult. My father spent decades working with an adult literacy group, teaching other adults to read. I've always admired him for it, but it was only after I became an adult that I recognized how great the need is to help folks read. 

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Charity Navigator: listed but not rated

Twelve Days of Yule = Twelve Days of Giving is a personal initiative by me at the SoMil Homesteader to bring some focus to a holiday about gratitude. I don't have any official connections to any of these organizations, other than being a very small donor. Peace out. 

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