Monday, August 25, 2014

Magnet Monday: Wisconsin Cheese Mouse

Cheesy Refrigerator Magnet for Monday, August 25, 2014
"What a Cheesy Magnet", Wisconsin shaped cheese with mouse and slogan, circa 2005

The Tone-Setter. We purchased it at the Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  
I don't know how to possibly extol the virtues of just how cheesy this magnet is. How do you expand on finding this at a castle that sells cheese? I mean, it really is a castle (with a turret and a drawbridge and everything!). 

Magnet Monday features a selection from our semi-vast and ever growing collection of cheesy refrigerator magnets. Without doubt the perfect souvenir. Only slightly less cheesy than collecting snow globes but maybe a lot easier to smuggle in your bra. If need be. Which I hope it never is. Unless it's really worth it.

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