Friday, August 8, 2014

Rescuing Rudyard

Can anyone tell me what this is? I'll give you a hint: it's not animal or mineral. 

About fifteen years ago, a dear friend decided I needed a plant. What she really meant was "my plant is too large so I will pass some of this growth burden onto you." 

She gave me Rudyard, a potted cutting from her philodendron Kipling. Lo and behold, Rudyard is still with us. But...

Rudyard had some, er, issues. My husband suggested several times to toss "it." I can't toss "it". "It" is Rudyard. How can you throw out a plant with a name and a pedigree?!

A trip to the barber is what Rudyard needed: let's give Rudyard a haircut. 

I don't know if Rudyard is the only Kipling scion still surviving, but having the same plant for ten-plus years is a good track record for me. For plants to survive in my hands, they need to enjoy - nay, thrive on neglect. Oddly enough, cacti and succulents work well for me (and even bloom!). 

Getting back to Rudyard. Immediately after the haircut and replanting, looking much renewed. If you haven't already guessed it, that mess in the first picture was what I trimmed from Rudyard. 

Rudyard. Rescued. 

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