Monday, December 28, 2009

And so it begins.....

My husband and I recently bought a house - very recently, like holiday gift week "good things also come in REALLY big boxes" recently. The process was relatively painless until the very end when someone in Idaho decided our small plot of home was in a floodplain...

True, there is a storm drain behind the property, one of those dry "creeks" that run between the backyards through the neighborhood and fill with water after a good rain. What our friend in Idaho could not know is that we're 23 feet up from the storm drain. From our backyard, we look down at the neighbors, not for any personal reasons since we don't even know them, but because their yard is almost at creek level. The whole north side of town would have to be under water for our yard to flood, and if that were to happen we'd have more pressing issues. Nevertheless, modern lending being what it is, no money would be granted until flood protection was dutifully provided. So we bought flood insurance to get the loan even though the house doesn't need it.

Good things also come to those who wait. Our initial closing date was delayed by four days waiting for FEMA to approve the flood designation so the insurance company would be allowed to take our money and sell us insurance. But in the end, we closed, and now we have The House in which to make our new home.

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