Thursday, January 7, 2010

Upcycle: Old T-Shirts

I had an "omigosh - me too!" moment while checking out a blog post at Re-Nest: turns out I'm not the only one with unrealistic emotional attachments to t-shirts and a closet full of them to prove it.

Over the years, duhMan & I have purchased or received t-shirts on purpose, as participant swag on bicycle rides, vendor freebies (back when companies were allowed to give out freebies in academia). We have piles of them. Most clothing items I don't mind giving away when they cease to be useful for us, but t-shirts...? They don't last well, and for those with true sentimental meaning, well, they're just garbage for anyone else. So I keep them.

Turns out there are other people suffering from the same issue, and they're smart enough to come up with solutions. I'm only smart enough to use their ideas (and give them credit).

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