Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Randomness for Friday, May 15, 2015

Nora says: A man a plan a canal Panama

Every date between 5-10-15 and 5-19-15 is a palindrome!*

News that made me stop what I was doing to look it up.

Weekly Shits n' Giggles
  • Despite being a professional intestinal researcher (seriously), I couldn't find anyone in our lab interested (but it's so stylish!)
  • Want
  • Almost literally shit. I actually dropped my cell phone into the toilet... I was way overdue for an upgrade (still using an S2, but it looks practically new, so how could I not keep using it?). Fortunately the S5 is water-resistant. Unfortunately, there's an app on there driving some adware that means now I get random texts for lunch invitations. Decline, no?
  • My Pinteresting Randomness

Weekend Aims
  • Southeast Wisconsin Master Gardeners annual plant sale - get 'em while they're hot! My neighbor and I have our wagons at the ready, and husbands prepared to go buy us coffee - perfect! 
  • Dinner and a concert. When I was young, this could mean gyros and the Romantics in Madison, or brats and Kenny Rogers at the state fair. Now it means classical-pops and fine French dining. Same thing
  • Family time - somebody's graduating from FVTC!! 

*Or as we used to say in college, Pat's Tap (thanks for that one - you know who you are!!)

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