Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Have you ever used: Plantain Fufu Flour

I take pictures when I go to the grocery store. That probably sounds odd. I take pictures to remind myself of foods I don't know how to use or would like to try somehow. Maybe that's still odd...

Anyway, I've been exploring alternate starch sources, and on one visit I found this: 

I had no idea what fufu flour is, or knew that you could make flour from plantain. Or maybe I never really thought about it, because now that I think about it, why couldn't you make a flour from dried plantain? It's starchy enough. 

Sources (i.e. Wikipedia) state that it's a traditionally West African food eaten mostly like a dumpling. The term fufu can refer to dumplings made from a number of flours, including plantain. It's often served with soups or stews, and I imagine it would be good alongside anything saucy. 

I found two recipes to start out with, this one seems more traditional, Plantain Pancakes completely not. I think I'll pick up a box next time I'm there and give it a whirl. 

Have you ever used plantain flour? 

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