Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Antique Doll, New Costume, Part 1

I've had this doll maybe 15 or so years. She came to me as a gift from my aunt; she thought the doll reminded her of me as a child, all those blond curls. In all truth, I'm not much of a doll-collecting sort, but I have to admit this one is particularly nice (and not because of any personal resemblance...). 

I have never cared for her outfit though. I've always thought it was the wrong style and out of proportion. It's also terribly faded, has been since before she came to me. My husband surprised me with a really, really nice new sewing machine not long ago, and I keep looking for reasons to use it. So... time for Ms. Doll to get a new outfit. 

So far, step 1: measurements. 

There are no stock patterns for period clothing to size, so I will have to draft my own. Stay tuned. This promises to be quite a process. 

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