Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dutch Sweetness

But I don't mean chocolate. 

This pair of Dutch children used to hang out in my grandmother's kitchen. I'd have to ask my mom if they predate her childhood. Growing up, like most kids, I had no appreciation for tchotchke. I'm still no fan of clutter, but these have really grown on me. 

I'm guessing they date to the 1920-30's, made of chalkware*. While not rare, I find this pair unusual to what I can find online. 

Most Dutch wall figures are painted in shades of blue and pink. Clearly these are not. Also, most pairs seem to be either dancing or carrying water buckets. These two, at least to me, seem to be bashfully flirting. 

This pair came to me when we downsized my parents into their condo. Even then, they hadn't been on display in years. They are the perfect colors to match our kitchen, so I'm happy to say they are hanging out once again. 

*Collector's Weekly has a really nice article about the history of chalkware here

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