Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cinnamon Flakes Birch

Cinnamon Flakes Birch
(Betula chinensis)

The little birch has been a trooper through this winter. If you look closely, the branches are drawn in closer together, as if it's huddling together. Protection against wind? Reduce water loss??? Compare to the photo of the leafless tree last fall and tell me what you think. 

Look!! It's a Brrrrrrrrrr-ch!!  

I hope the branches spread out again once it warms up...

Our little birch has really grown this season! Here's what it looked like when we brought it home in May

And now here in the fall, with just a few leaves left: 

Admittedly, the second photo is from a slightly different angle, but comparing the height of the tree against the window in October vs. May, and keeping in mind that the tree in May gets some height from still being in the nursery pot, I think it's doubled in size. To me that says we picked the right spot for it. 

It's growing so sturdy we were able to take away the bamboo support stake. The bark is living up to its name as well. Love it love it!

You are not imagining it if you think you've seen some of this before...  Part of this post was originally featured on my "In the Garden" page.

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