Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Randomness for Friday, March 27, 2015

It snowed last night here next to the lake. Our foxy neighbor was out too. You can't tell from this photo that this is our back patio. This fox regularly trots right up to our back porch on its way into the backyard on its way into the ravine behind our house. Sure wish it did a better job of scarfing up the ground squirrels and the rabbits... (big prints are Nora, little prints are the fox)

News that made me stop what I was doing to look it up.

Weekly Shits n' Giggles
  • Because I've recently discovered that I love popcorn.  
  • I'm intrigued... mixer? Maybe with champagne?? (that might defeat the whole non-alcoholic-healthy-for-you aspect though...). Love the recipe note: Because of the fermentation process, it is best to open the lid and release some of the gas that accumulates. (unless you want ginger beer splatter on the inside of your fridge... duh!).
  • My Pinteresting Randomness

Weekend Aims
  • Popcorn trials! 
  • Home & Garden Show - they sell Bloody Mary's at the bar (what else do you need for checking out landscaping rock and new curtains?!). There's a garden metal artist out of Appleton, WI that always has neat stuff; we have several pieces and try to pick up something new each spring. 

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