Monday, November 17, 2014

Magnet Monday: Healing Hand

Cheesy Refrigerator Magnet for Monday, November 17, 2014
"Untitled", petroglyph-style hand with palm spiral, painted metal, circa 20??

Hands, and hands with spirals, are a common theme in petroglyphs. Their meaning is really known only to the artists themselves; there's no shortage of theories, very few facts. Even so, I like the idea that the hand with a spiral in the palm symbolizes healing, or a person with healing abilities. 

I'm embarrassed to admit I don't recall where we bought this one, other than it was somewhere in Arizona. This known fact of the unknown is a solid reminder about recording this info before I forget any more. 

Magnet Monday features a selection from our semi-vast and ever growing collection of cheesy refrigerator magnets. Without doubt the perfect souvenir. Only slightly less cheesy than collecting snow globes but maybe a lot easier to smuggle in your bra. If need be. Which I hope it never is. Unless it's really worth it.

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