Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter Robins

Robins are by far my favorite bird. They were my Grandma Gladys' favorite too, but as I child I found them plain. I had no appreciation for the subtlety of their charm. As an adult who regular plays in garden dirt, my perspective is entirely different. They sing well, eat lots of bugs, and usually signal the return of Spring. Usually. I say that because for the second winter in a row, we have a flock of resident robins. Today in the rain they are hunting bugs and worms venturing out in the mild weather. Last winter they gorged themselves on every last fruit left on our cherry tree.

According to Jim Bucholz's Wild Wisconsin Web, about 2% of robins don't bother to migrate south. Another site mentions that winter robins are usually males hoping to get a jump on grabbing prime nesting territory in the spring. In fact robin migration is far more complex

I don't much mind what their reasons are, they are a welcome and cheerful sight. 

Image courtesy of HD WallpapersCool. Although the birds in our cherry tree looked pretty much like that. 

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